Oct 30, 2011

We're going to paint the town red! On second thought let's paint our house instead.

After the drywall went up it was time to paint. With the help of Kevin's dad and his dad's friend Larry we set to work on priming and painting all the walls and ceilings. I don't think any of us really knew  just how much painting that would be! Below are pictures with just primer and then with the colors we picked out.

This is the left side of the kitchen.

Here's the main part of the kitchen.

Here's the living room and hallway.

Living room and staircase.

This is the laundry room and the doorway into the master bathroom.

Master bedroom.

Heading up the stairs. This is where one of our built-in bookcases will be.

The upstairs office area.

The rear of the office area.

Upstairs bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom.

We chose a beautiful light blue for the kitchen.

The main part of the kitchen in blue.

I love this color!

Wepainted the living room and hallway green.

Another picture of the living room.

The laundry room is also green.

The master bedroom is a light gray.

We decided to go with a neutral beige-ish color for the upstairs. Here's the office area.

Here's the rear of the office area.

This is the second bedroom.

Here's the front of the second bedroom.

This is the upstairs bathroom painted gray. You'll have to wait to see the master bathroom since we were also tiling the shower at this time :)


Next we had to prime and paint all of the trim and interior doors. Stay tuned for more pictures! After all of this I don't think any of us want to pick up a paint brush again for a while!

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Kate said...

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There must have been a good many paint rollers working at your house. It's looking beautiful. You should be well pleased.