Sep 5, 2011

"It's electric... boogie woogie woogie!"

It's time to display our wonderful electrical panel now that all the wiring in the house is done. I don't want to post a ton of confusing pictures of wire running everywhere and electrical boxes nailed to the studs. Instead I figured I just tell you that Kevin busted his butt pulling every wire (with mine and his dad's help of course) and wired every outlet, light fixture, flood light, and breaker into the panel. We spent a long time working with several different types of wire, making sure they were run properly and secure. All the regular wall outlets are on 20 amp breakers and run with 12-2 wire (12 gauge-2 conductor + ground) while the light circuits are all on 15 amp breakers run with 14-2 wire. And, as you can see, all these circuits terminate neatly at the new 200 amp panel.

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Kate said...

Kevin and Becca,

IMPRESSIVE! SENSATIONAL! Of all the electrical panels I have seen in my life, and I've seen quite a few, this is, by far, the most exquisite. Incomparable beauty. Really, rarely have I seen such precision and harmony within a breaker box (and beyond!). I am totally and magnanimously impressed with the dedication and skill the two of you have shown. The sense of overall unity, in this process especially, is breathtaking. My hope is that all who view this feat of technical organization will be impressed accordingly! Rock ON, Kids!

Love you both