May 8, 2011

Vinyl records may be out of style but vinyl siding will always be hip!

The same crew we hired to install the shingles came back to install our siding after we wrapped the entire house in Tyvek and installed all the windows. First they put up all the corner pieces around the outside of the house and the J-channel pieces around the windows and doors. The long strips of siding fit into these pieces.

They hung the siding from the bottom up. Here they are working on the side of the house.

They had to cut certain strips of siding to make sure it fit all the way up to the peak of the roof.

Here is the siding finished on one of side of the house. At this point they still needed to hang the fascia which is aluminum that is bent to fit over the rake board (the wood that you see here on end of the roof).

Then they began working on the back of the house, fitting the siding around the back door and windows.

Once the first floor was completed they moved on to the front and rear dormers.

Here is a picture of the back of the house with the rear dormer siding completed. Kevin's dad was busy helping us as usual.

Here you can see the soffit (white part) installed on the underside of the rake board. Soffit is installed to cover the overhang of the roof.

Here is the crew working on the driveway side of the house. You can see the temporary electrical meter on a post. It's been 7 weeks and Pepco still hasn't been out to hook our power up. EPIC fail on Pepco's part. We're considering paying all our electric bills 7 weeks late as a token of our appreciation for their outstanding customer service.

The siding on the front of the house was partially done at first while we waited for the fixed panel window to arrive.

Once it arrived we attached the last two casement windows to either side of it.

Then Kevin and I hoisted it into place and secured it to the house.  What a big beautiful window! This will allow a ton of light in to our living room!

This is the driveway side of the house.  Here you can see the completed fascia I mentioned earlier. Take note, the temporary post is now gone however Pepco is still nowhere in sight.

This is the other side of the house.

And finally, the completed siding on the front. Don't let this fool you though... we still have a lot of work to do on the inside!


Kate said...


I'm so excited for you two!


Love Mom

Kate said...

I had to look again! It's so beautiful!