Mar 21, 2011

Getting into the right frame of mind.

After the subfloor was completed we framed the interior walls.

Framing the walls inside is pretty self explanatory based on the pictures. Each wall gets a 2x4 on the floor for a bottom plate and a 2x4 on the ceiling as a top plate. We didn’t put down a subfloor in the bathroom (left, where you see bare concrete) because we will be laying tile here.

Once the top and bottom plates were in place we nailed in the 2x4 studs, 16" apart.

Our big project was installing a sliding "pocket door" for our walk-in closet. Luckily they make a kit and we didn't have to do one from scratch. This was our first pocket door adventure and it took a while to decipher the instructions. Once we hang the drywall we'll be able to put the sliding door in place.

We also put together the plumbing pipes for the mudroom, the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom. The wall you see here is deeper than normal (2x6 instead of 2x4) to accommodate the 3” waste lines. This picture was taken from the kitchen and the wall separates the kitchen from the mudroom.

Here I am pretending the pipes are a periscope in a submarine. We try to have fun while we're working!

These are the pipes leading to the upstairs bathroom for the toilet and the bathtub. Kevin had to make sure we had the proper slope and we still fit through the joists in the ceiling.

In order to bring the pipes around the kitchen wall we had to increase the bottom 34" to 2x6 so we could insulate the wall.

We also framed the walls around the upstairs bathroom, bedroom closet and a small utility closet that will eventually house the water heater and a manifold system for our water lines.

Here's another shot of the bathroom. Now we can really start to see the layout of the inside of our house.

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